Samoyed Health
Dr. Becker: The Truth About Spaying and Neutering
Dr. Becker: The Truth About Pet Vaccines
Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Ronald Schultz on Pet Vaccines
Dr. Becker: The Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet
Dr. Becker: Slow Growth Diets for Growing Puppies
Dr. Becker: Slow Growth Diet in Dogs
Dr. Mercola: Tick Stick Removal Tool
Stop the Shots - Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?-1
Stop the Shots - Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? - 2
Emergency K-9 First Aid
Must Read
Locating the genes for hip dysplasia in dogs (Psssst! Look in the kibble bag.)
Grooming your Samoyed
Samoyed Grooming Part 1: Equipment
Samoyed Grooming Part 2: Pre-bath
Samoyed Grooming Part 3: Bath
Samoyed Grooming Part 4: The blow dry
Samoyed Links
Samoyed Rescue
The Organization for the Working Samoyed
SamUrgency For Samoyeds
Samoyed Club of America
Samoyed Association of Canada
Samoyed Club of America Education and Research Foundation
How to Socialize Your Dog to New People, Places or Things with Michael Ellis
Fear Period in Young Dogs
Fear Period in Young Dogs - Part 2
Fear Period in Young Dogs - Part 3
The Importance of ENGAGEMENT in Dog Training
Michael Ellis Talks on Playing Tug with Young Puppies
Michael Ellis' Lecture on Classical Conditioning in Dog Training
Alpha Rolls as a Correction Technique - Why You Should Never Done
Puppies that Bite with Michael Ellis
Cindy Training Endy, our New 8 Week old Puppy from Michael Ellis
The Power of Training Dogs with Food with Michael Ellis
Determining the Type and Size of Food Rewards
How to Hold and Deliver Food Rewards
Dogs Go Nuts Toys
Tuffie Toys
Jolly Egg Dog Toy
Turkey Leg by Nylabone
Tux by Planet Dog
Orbee Planet Ball by Planet Dog
White Pine Outfitters
Stainless Steel Non-Tip Bowls
Petmate Traditional Vari Kennel Giant Portable Kennel
All Systems Firm Pin Brushes
1 All Systems Ultimate Combs
Nail Care


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